How It Works


Are you continuing to struggle with the challenge of analyzing your customer data due to data quality and integrity? Entytle eliminates these challenges. Our secure, cloud-based platform elegantly connects all your relevant data and quickly delivers actionable intelligence to drive revenue and profits. No need for another system, spreadsheets, or research staff.

Entytle uses secure connectors to extract data from a company’s existing ERP, CRM, Service, and Legacy systems. These connectors extract a wide variety of data including orders, contacts, service history, shipping data, marketing information, etc., into our proprietary data model where large volumes of historical data are swiftly cleansed, normalized, and harmonized.

Our efficient and cost-effective solution quickly delivers actionable intelligence that drives measurable results across multiple key performance metrics. It’s time to unlock your Company’s aftermarket value.


Entytle has proven, time and again that companies can quickly and cost-effectively maximize the revenue opportunity contained within their installed base. By implementing the Entytle Automation platform, companies are transforming how they analyze the behavior and buying habits of their customers.

Entytle’s proprietary Predictive Opportunity Generation Engine analyzes the vast amount of data contained in existing customer interaction systems. This information is cleaned and organized to identify purchase patterns and event history patterns using a library of industry-optimized algorithms, creating event timelines and histories, and producing qualified sales opportunities.

By scientifically attacking your existing data, Entytle Automation delivers actionable intelligence on customer behavior with pinpoint targeting of your unserved and underserved customers, driving revenue and profits higher.


Entytle’s revolutionary aftermarket automation software delivers consistent improvement in consumables, parts and services revenue for industrial B2B manufacturers. We efficiently process vast amounts data and deliver actionable intelligence, systematically organized to provide a clear, current view of the entire installed base.

Entytle Automation™ scientifically identifies the highly-qualified aftermarket opportunities within the installed base – the proverbial “low hanging fruit”. Using secure, in-house developed connectors the Entytle Outcome Manager populates existing CRM systems with qualified sales opportunities executable by sales and service teams.

Because we integrate our outcomes with existing CRM systems, there is NO additional training or software required. Sales and Service teams receive all the information they need to make a sales call…What to sell, when to sell, whom to call, and why now.


Most companies know they are underperforming in the aftermarket. They continue to fight with spreadsheets, cumbersome data, and expensive data-science resources trying to determine where their aftermarket revenue is being lost.

We understand the challenges and we know the opportunity. Our system was purpose-built to specifically address the opportunity companies face – how to scientifically understand and predict customer behavior and buying habits to accelerate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and increase average transaction size.

Entytlement Automation™ was built by aftermarket experts as an operational platform specifically designed to predict and preempt customer demand, pinpoint qualified opportunities and increase revenue through our statistical analysis system. We can prove how you can quickly and cost-effectively unlock the value of your installed base. With Entytle, the proven aftermarket leader, you can automatically generate net-new, qualified opportunities that are actionable today. You can prove that the value contained in your installed base can be unlocked and you can do it quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.