Entytle Insyghts

Increase opportunity conversion, transaction size and revenue growth

Entytle Insyghts is the first enterprise SaaS application dedicated to managing and growing installed base revenue.

Purpose-built for the B2B manufacturing vertical, Entytle Insyghts is used by some of the largest and most successful manufacturing companies in the world to drive top-line growth.

Opportunity Generator

Accurately identifying net new opportunities for sales of spare parts, consumables and services requires deep contextual knowledge that goes beyond order and service history. It must also take into account several other factors including the equipment’s usage environment, which can and do vary greatly from site to site, even within the same customer.

Entytle Insyghts utilizes machine learning and cohort analytics to uncover usage clusters, customer micro-segments, and actual consumption models – all as a means to accelerate your sales efforts . Entytle Insyghts provides all the information your sales and services representatives need to close deals quickly, identifying whom to call, what to sell and why now, directly within your CRM. Backed by sophisticated data science and machine learning techniques, generating data-backed opportunities is key to unlocking revenue growth.

Recurring stream of net-new, pre-qualified opportunities
Actionable visibility into state of installed base customers
Scrubbed, normalized, optimized customer dataset

Installed Base Management

A comprehensive view into your installed base is critical to improving your relationship with unserved and underserved customers. Using advanced statistical and machine learning algorithms to rationalize data from across silos, your Sales team will have a true 360 degree view of individual customers, the assets they have deployed, and the relative repair state of their equipment.

Insyghts efficiently processes vast amounts of data and delivers actionable intelligence, systematically organized to provide a clear, current view of your entire installed base. With it, you can anticipate customer needs for parts and maintenance, flag exceptions and deliver consistent improvement in consumables, parts and services revenue growth.

Complete visibility into your entire install base
Customer locations and contact Info
Purchase and service history

Service Contract Management

Understanding performance against SLAs, tracking workforce metrics and analyzing profitability of service offerings can be the difference between hitting or missing your quarterly targets. Yet you don’t have a single system that reliably tells you how your services business is performing at a detailed level.

Insyghts helps you manage all aspects of your service contracts across your entire installed base. It features the ability to quickly drill into your business from the highest level down to the lowest, providing full visibility to service level achievement and individual contract profitability, as well as new opportunities for revenue.

Manage service contract profitability across the install base
Margin analysis and Service request analysis
Exception management and visualization

The Entytle Aftermarket Platform

Entytle Insyghts is powered by the Entytle Aftermarket Platform. It uses secure connectors to extract data from your existing ERP, CRM, support, service, machine telemetry and legacy systems. This data – including orders, contacts, service history, shipping data, tech support records and marketing information – is assembled and processed using a proprietary data model and industry-optimized algorithms where it is swiftly cleansed, normalized and harmonized. The platform runs in a secure and reliable cloud environment and provides seamless CRM integration, eliminating the need for your sales and services professionals to learn a new system.

Data Science and Industry-Optimized Algorithms
Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
Secure and Reliable Cloud Environment

Understanding your customers’ buying patterns


Making aftermarket sales a habit


The trillion dollar opportunity