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IIoT – Fact or Industrial Fiction?

IIoT Ebook for Industrial Manufacturers

A must-read guide for OEMs considering Industrial IoT initiatives. Digital Transformation, IoT initiatives, Big Data/Analytics, eCommerce, Zoom Conferences – there are quite a few initiatives that Industrial OEMs seem to be committing themself to for a while now. Last year accelerated the pace on some of these tracks while pushing some others outside the budgeted […]

How to improve Sales Productivity for new hires in the Industrial world?

Sales Productivity for new hires in the Industrial world

On an avg, Industrial OEM sales teams grew by 2% compared to last year. As Industrial teams added to their sales force rapidly, several onboarding and training challenges became glaring and rose to the forefront. It takes 11.5 months, on average, for a new sales hire to become competent. 11.5 months in the post-pandemic world […]