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Tech-Enabled Go-To-Market Innovation

Industrial companies that modernize their go-to-market strategy with the use of technology, improve their revenue growth as well as customer…

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digital transformation of the aftermarket
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3 Digital Transformation Trends to Drive Organic Growth

Digital transformation is on everyone’s mind. It’s everywhere on the factory floor, in the warehouse, and it’s now conquering the…

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digital transformation
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Digital Transformation for the Service Enterprise

The Digital Revolution has already disrupted media, finance, consumer products, healthcare, and other sectors. Manufacturing leaders can’t (and shouldn’t) escape…

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Aftermarket growth
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Digital Reinvention: how do you apply it to your Aftermarket Business?

How hard do you work to sell new equipment with your Original Equipment sales team?  It’s obviously a key area…

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The IoT for unconnected things

It’s been the year-of-IOT for a few years now. Have we not arrived yet? Unfortunately for most, IoT (Internet of…

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The Service Council Report 2018
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Time is now for Aftermarket & Services Revenue Growth

The time for Aftermarket & Services revenue growth has finally arrived. After years of appropriately focusing on supply chain and…

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Aftermarket Europe: Creating the Best Outcomes Through Digitization

The European economy and the manufacturing footprint is humming again! This year, we decided to understand that market better by…

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