The Engineering Behind a System of Intelligence for the Aftermarket


Obsessing over customer data is in the DNA of Entytle. Our Engineering team maintains a no-compromise policy on finding the most effective and cost efficient way to securely store and transport data across applications and networks. All these optimizations translate directly into to cost advantages for our customers.

We made conscious decision to go with AWS for our infrastructure because of its  mature “Shared responsibility model” that make it the preferred choice for large organizations and startups. Also, we have built in-house expertise to make AWS as secure as possible. Whether it’s IP restrictions or public key encryption, Entytle’s infrastructure experts have made data security our highest priority.

Our application architects of Entytle Insyghts are extremely meticulous in choosing the third party providers we use outside of AWS to transport data in and out of our data stores. For example, embedding our application inside CRMs like Salesforce and Dynamics required using well-tested “Single-sign-on” protocols like SAML and OAuth, eliminating the need to store user credentials on our servers.


When you have rock-star sales and customer success teams, the challenge is staying ahead of of the constant flow of unanticipated demands. We faced this challenge at Entytle within the first year when 5 large customers signed up and upped the ante on handling data.

We made a conscious decision to use MySql for data storage and Java / Python for the backend stack. The managed database service RDS from AWS has significantly reduced the maintenance overhead. However, we continue to look for better ways to organize data, scale our applications, and tune performance.

For now AWS Aurora shows a lot of promise, based on our research, we are constantly looking to tune our existing databases to make sure scalability doesn’t affect performance.


Entytle Insyghts is built on the principle of less overhead for our users. Whether you’re a Sales Executive looking at the big picture, or a Rep who needs to convert opportunities into sales, Insyghts is the fastest way to spot deals from your existing install base data.

For our customers, we reveal actionable insights and opportunities quickly using a combination of processing power, artificial intelligence, and relevant algorithms. The Entytle engineering team works round-the-clock optimizing the existing tools while constantly looking for new ways to achieve optimum performance.

This post is an introduction to the Entytle Engineering team’s way of thinking. We will have more technology posts coming to help our customers understand what we’re working on and why.

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