Equipment as a Service. Are We There Yet?

SKF, the world’s largest manufacturer of ball bearings embeds sensors in each one of their motor controls, John Deere’s farm equipment is capable of “calling home” when in need of service or a parts replacement, and GE rents jet engines by flight hour .

SKF Moter En-coder Unit

Exploded view of an AC induction motor incorporating an SKF Motor En-coder Unit, BMD. (Image from SKF).

These are all compelling indications that EaaS (Equipment as a Service) has arrived. It’s now about selling outcomes, not machines. Consumption of these services is what customers care about. They pay to see uninterrupted service.

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Maintaining the promised Service License Agreements (or SLA) rests squarely on the shoulders of the manufacturers.

The smarts in modern machines generates massive amounts of data, including usage, performance, wear-and-tear, and safety. Intelligence assimilated from this data facilitates predictive maintenance, self-healing, and design improvements. Autonomous intelligence significantly reduces the need for error-prone human diagnosis and interference, making the machines run better, and more efficiently, for longer.

At Entytle we are on the cutting edge of marrying IoT data with the more traditional service and sales information extracted from our manufacturing client’s various legacy systems. Generating a qualified lead or opportunity is taken to the next level. Using sophisticated data science our Insyghts platform is capable of proactively notifying our client about specifically which product at precisely which particular customer’s location is either already in need of a parts change, replacement, or service, or will soon enter that state. What’s really cool is how we can extrapolate IoT data generated from the modern equipment and use it to infer the needs of similar products that were deployed prior to the advent of IoT. Tethering back into our client’s ERP, CRM, or PLM system we extract all the information, including contact addresses, numbers, and emails, as well as product/part SKUs needed to fulfill the resolution of the issue.

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