Field Service Fall: Growth is Top of Mind!

As we wrap up another successful Field Service conference here at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in FL, one thing was clear – manufacturing Service leaders are under tremendous pressure to not only run an efficient and profitable operation (as always), but they are increasingly interested in figuring out how to help their organizations achieve double-digit growth rates for their Service and Parts business.


We normally expect attendees at this conference to inquire about things like: how to get more accurate equipment & parts failure rates, how to provide better customer visibility for field techs, and how to improve contract capture rates, but this year we were amazed at the number of Service leaders directly asking how Entytle can help them identify the best customers to pursue for service contracts and preventive parts replacement. As we head into 2018, growing revenue is indeed “top of mind” again!

It was also a lot of fun watching people’s eyes light up as they saw the holy grail of install base visibility displayed in our Entytle Insyghts application – with not only every customer ‘signal’ organized on one page for each customer location (order histories, service records, warranty info, new opportunities, etc.), but geographic heat mapping of customer locations, too, to help their Field Service leaders pan back to get the bigger picture.



If there was one take away from this year’s Field Service conference, is that it’s no longer good enough to track what’s already taken place, or even happening right now, but also to get that clear line of sight into the most efficient ways to drive new Service business in the future as well!

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