Finding the Fastest Route to Install Base Revenue

When you drive your car, do you only rely on the rearview mirror, your windshield, or the GPS?

Silly question, right? The answer is all 3… The rearview mirrors tell you where you’ve been, the windshield tells you where you’ll be in a few seconds, and the GPS let you know the fastest route to your final destination .. and cool apps, like Waze, even provide you with warning signs along the way (“Watch out, accident up ahead!”).

Where is the GPS for telling you the fastest route to desired Revenue?

When it comes to driving revenues from your install base, there are plenty of “rearview mirrors” out there that can be used for looking at where you’ve been – according to Gartner, the Business Intelligence and Analytics market was expected to hit $16.9B last year – that’s a lot of dashboards! And if you want the “windshield view”, look no further than this current quarter’s pipeline forecast in your CRM… but even with that, there’s really not much you can do to change course for arriving faster at your desired revenue destination.

[clickToTweet tweet=”When it comes to install base revenue, you need help finding the best routes.” quote=”When it comes to install base revenue, you need help finding the best route, not just a view of the past and present.”]

In the GPS systems market, Waze and Google Maps have been the standards recently. And according to one Waze engineer, its algorithms not only take into account dozens of parameters like driving speeds, published traffic reports, user notifications and closure reports, it even adjusts based the individual app user’s driving patterns (i.e. do you seem to prefer a simple route, or a more complicated but optimized route?).

Can you imagine having an install base management system that combines, cleanses, and constantly recalculates data from every available source across your organization? Or one that takes into account each customer’s individual usage and buying patterns? What if you could pinpoint which customers to contact this week, who you should contact at each account, and what you should be discussing with them?

We not only imagined that type of app, we built it! It’s called Entytle Insyghts, and we certainly hope this helps you “get to your revenue destination” faster.

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