Honey, I want to Blow up Aftermarket Sales

Act 1, Scene 1

(Office of the VP of Aftermarket. The smell of the Mahogany table cannot be ignored. On one side, a long glass window which looks over the skyscrapers of one of the many cities in the world. Ok, Let’ s come out of Shakespearian setting to the corporate setting. The appearance of characters don’t matter, they come in all shapes and size)

Salesman stands with a blank face avoiding eye contact with the VP.

VP Would you say something or are we going to stand here the whole quarter, and talk about next quarter?

Sales Rep I am trying to make our existing customers buy more.

VP But why would they buy more, when they have enough? Are we targeting the wrong customers?

Sales Rep I’m trying to figure out new customers too.

VP What do you mean, trying to figure out? The list of customers is all over our systems. They’re in the ERP, they’re in our CRM system. We’ve spent millions on those systems, they should be able to tell us everything we want. So why do I always see  Excel spreadsheets flying around?

I was talking to our VP of Services and she told me she gets a barrage of phone calls from one customer or another all day long. That means there are a lot of customers using our products which means they’re using a lot of consumables.

I’m sure their details are in some Services records. God knows, if we can’t reach them, someone else is, and I bet they’re making a killing.

Sales Rep That’s the problem. Customer information is all over our systems and in different variations. For example, is Lowe’s the hardware store or grocery store? I see Lowe’s in old ERP records. And as a matter of fact, they seems to have one of the largest install base of our products, though lately they have been silent both on equipment and consumables buying. Even if we figure out which is which we still don’t know who to contact to explore the aftermarket sales possibilities.

VP Is that the only problem? Is there no way out?

Sales Rep No. Data cleaning is a big problem and requires sophisticated tools to understand duplicates to clean them up and reconcile with different sources. And we can only build a complete picture when we can see data across all sources.

VP Then will we have solved the problem?

Sales Rep Not quite. We still have to figure out who out  of hundreds of thousands of customers to target.

VP Anything else?

Sales Rep I thought it would be a simple problem to solve. SoI tried to do it in Excel but it got messy fast.

VP Can we get some help from outside?

Act 1: Scene 2

Same setting, but this time with a Sales Engineer from Entytle.

VP You can see what we’re struggling with, we have the data but everything else is elusive.

Entytle This is not a new problem and it’s why Entytle exists. It’s developed by experts  who handled Aftermarket portfolios for large companies.

VP What can you do for us?

Entytle  Many things. First, we clean and normalize your data. We use a lot of tools that we’ve developed specifically for the Aftermarket.

VP Can you work with data from all sources? ERP, CRM etc?

Entytle Yes. Give us all your data and we will collate and clean it and create a normalized data model. You will be surprised to see the number of variations in your customers data.

VP Sounds good. If we give you data, how fast you can turnaround the list to us?

Entytle Data cleansing is just the beginning. We do much more beyond this.

Sales Rep Such as?

Entytle Once we have the data in place, we run it through our algorithms. We then do a lot of mathematical and statistical analysis. For example, we can cluster your customers in various ways and tell who is buying what and how often. We can tell you rate of buying on each individual item basis.

Sales Rep Sounds interesting.

Entytle And then we can generate possible opportunities for your Aftermarket Sales pipeline.

VP You can generate opportunities?!

Entytle Yes and as well as estimate the probability of closing to help you hit your targets faster.

Sales Rep And can you tell me who to call in a company that has the highest chance of converting?

Entytle Yes, as well as an actually list of contacts with high to low probability.

VP That sounds terrific. But do you have to be a math whiz do work with the data?

Entytle Nope. We provide you with a dashboard in a simple and actionable way.

Sales Rep Anymore tricks up your sleeve?

Entytle We can deliver potential opportunities right into your CRM like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

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