How to make sure a part is yours and not a competitor’s

As an Aftermarket leader for an equipment manufacturer you are contacted weekly by companies that provide solutions for Inventory Management, Pricing, E-Commerce and Electronic Parts Catalogs. These solutions are excellent ways to manage your business and improve processes.

But, at the end of the day, Aftermarket leaders are have to drive profitable sales growth. To continue to grow sales year over year, you need to fully understand your Installed Base and part failure rates such as:

  • Where is your equipment?
  • How often does each part fail?
  • What parts categories is the customer not buying?

Do you maximize your customers’ uptime by proactively recommending part replacement before equipment fails? Entytle can provide you the data to answer all of these questions and drive profitable sales growth within twelve weeks, in some cases, even less.

Entytle consolidates your ERP, CRM, Sales, Inventory, Service, and Equipment sales data and creates a 360º view of each customer in an easy to navigate Application tied into your CRM.

Entytle provides a powerful sales tool for your Equipment, Parts, and Service teams to quickly visualize customer purchases on one page to maximize your sales teams efficiency and grow market share.

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