The Most Important SaaS Metric Of All: Time-to-Value

Back when I was at Salesforce, the company was beginning to verticalize and I was helping build the High Tech vertical as one of the line managers. This was a decade ago, when it was still SaaS instead of Cloud. And one of the many benefits of Salesforce (and SaaS) that we routinely touted, was time-to-value. At the time, there was enough skepticism about SaaS and moving data off-premise (shudder!) that we had to arm ourselves with no-more-shelfware, lower TCO and faster time-to-value as some of the key pillars of our sales pitch.

Fast forward a decade, and it’s amazing to me that those value props are still so much in play. One would think those value props would now be taken for granted and that we’d simply have moved on. Not so fast. The reality is that companies across a variety of industries are still mired with software stacks whose only legacies are the inefficiencies they cause.

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So here at Entytle, when we pitch to some of the world’s largest industrial manufacturers, we lead with time-to-value. When it comes to growing the Aftermarket, we tell our customers, sure they could build an Aftermarket growth platform like Entytle. But it would take inordinately long – and we are talking many quarters if not years – to put in place everything that goes into a platform like ours: from extensible ETL, to the industry’s most advanced Data Prep platform, to purpose built Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning algorithms, to the most comprehensive Installed Base 360 application on the market combined with an award winning UX that eliminates friction for users and maximizes sales and service productivity.

Read this blog post, or listen to the podcast episode that explains why it takes so long.

Our pitch then, is particularly simple and borrows a page or two from the early Salesforce pitch. Try to cobble together a real Aftermarket growth system with myriad of enterprise systems bordering on obsolescence, a hodgepodge of middleware solutions, an MDM project or two thrown in, a few reports to attempt to take the place of our highly sophisticated and tuned data-science driven solution, and you’re already a couple of years in with nothing much to show by way of growth. We know, because some of our customers tried to do exactly that. Instead, Entytle brought up our Insyghts application for them in 6 weeks flat, and had their inside sales and service users start driving real aftermarket growth immediately.

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