Installed Base, Where Are You?

Big companies manufacture big equipment. They make compressors, chillers, CNC machines, pumps etc. This equipment gets sold around the world and oftentimes, the manufacture loses track of where it ends up. Manufacturers know the equipment is out there, somewhere, and should be doing fine, but figuring out where, eludes them.

From an Aftermarket sales perspective it’s important for these manufacturers to know things like:

  • Where is the equipment?
  • How long it has been there?
  • How is it being used?

This kind of information helps Aftermarket sales in terms of handling failed parts, replacing consumables, and providing timely service. Customers who are not using parts and consumables from the original manufacturer run the risk of sub-par performance and downtime.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Manufacturers know information about their installed bases exists, they just don’t know where it is.” quote=”Manufacturers know information about their installed bases exists, they just don’t know where it is.”]

Most manufacturers know their Installed Base information exists in a digital form, somewhere in their infrastructure. Finding that data is like a treasure hunt and verifying it makes one feel like Indiana Jones – searching for clues and avoiding traps. As fun as it sounds, exploring your Installed Base shouldn’t be an adventure. That’s why we created Entytle Insyghts.

Watch Installed Base in Action

Simply click anywhere on the map to drill down to the account location you want.

One of the most exciting features to our customers is the Installed Base view. We make it easy for you to see where everything is at. Simply zoom in and out of exact locations using the interactive map in the Installed Base view.

To build this view, Entytle does the treasure hunting for you. We have unique tools, methodologies, and processes developed specifically for the Aftermarket.

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