Is There a for the Aftermarket?

It’s 2017. You’d think every organization in every enterprise would have their own system of record by now. Sales and Marketing have CRM. Finance has ERP. Supply Chain has SCM. HR has HRMS. But when we talk about Installed Base Management – who’s got your back? Sure,there are companies claiming they provide Installed Base Management systems. But having your field technicians enter equipment data into a tablet during on-site visits – does not an Installed Base Management system make.

If there were, what would it do?

An eponymous system of record for the Installed Base should tell you everything you ever wanted to know. It should provide you with a true 360º view of your installed base. It should be able to answer all your questions about your customers such as:

  • Where are they located?
  • What equipment do they have, and what did they pay for it
  • What parts have they purchased over what time-frame?
  • What services have been performed, and when?
  • What service contracts are in place?
  • Which equipment is under what warranty?

And the list goes on. So, if you had a single system like this in place – and not a smorgasbord system of broken data-sets with no way of talking to each other – then you would have a system of record.

At Entytle, we apply data-science algorithms to drive Installed Base growth for our customers. We have yet to come across a single manufacturer that has an Installed Base system of record. But by aggregating data from disparate systems, cleansing, and de-duplicating and normalizing the data, we end up creating a single source of truth for our customers – a true system of record.

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