Driving Incremental Recurring Revenue

How To Maximize The Customer Installed Base

Recurring sales are an untapped source of revenue for many B2B manufacturers. Current methods for identifying timely and profitable sales opportunities from existing customers can actually cost more than any potential profit.

Entytle, with decades of B2B recurring sales expertise, has developed a software that works with existing CRM systems to generate recurring revenue and delivers timely, actionable customer leads.

Sophisticated algorithms analyze customer purchasing habits and behavior provide increasingly targeted leads for greater closure rates and better customer retention.

In this e-book:
1. The Recurring Revenue Challenge
2. A Sales Strategy with Cost-Effective Results
3.  Entytle Insyghts – First Purpose Built AI Powered Platform for OEMs 
4. Features and Benefits of Entytle Insyghts

Driving Incremental Recurring Revenue

Proven success

Global B2B manufacturers rely on Entytle Insyghts to drive recurring revenue,
opportunities and sales

We're on pace right now of $1 million in incremental revenue from the leads that are generated from Entytle Insyghts