How predictive analytics help build sales

“Sales teams need to update their approach to customer data in order to remain efficient”. 

According The Sales Operations Optimization Study, which sampled 300 organizations around the world, only 25% of sales personnel strongly believe that CRM aids their productivity, while 30% believe it doesn’t significantly improve productivity at all.

Learn how predictive analytics can supercharge CRM data and sales effort.

Download: Entytle Insyghts: Supercharge your CRM

Adding predictive analytics to cleansed and enriched customer data, can help sales reps develop better strategies for each deal, and apply methodology in a more actionable way, prioritize deals appropriately, improve time management and effectively plan their daily activities.

Forward-looking sales technology can help reps to adapt behavior and improve chances of winning deals. At the manager level, predictive sales insights and installed base visibility help manages intervene and support reps more effectively, while senior management gain better reporting, forecasting and insight into the business, as well as the ability to replicate winning strategies and understand the ROI of sales assets.

Key insights every sales team needs:

  • Map of your installed base: complete view of a company’s installed base.
  • Full account history: equipment, parts and consumables, service events, and more, all in one place.
  • Account health and wallet share: business insights based on accounts history, similar accounts behavior and industry standards.
  • Data-driven sales opportunities: pre-populated in the system, with list of parts and services to be offered to each location, for a higher conversion rate.
  • BI: reports and business insights that matter.

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