Why we started Entytle

There is always a backstory to startups, and we are no exception.

Entytle was born about a year ago but has been about 2 decades in the making! I know it sounds crazy, but the core idea for our company has been knocking around in our heads since the mid-90s. We had spent our formative professional years in the aftermarket businesses at some of the world’s best B2B companies, and it was here that we realized the power, and value of a large installed base of customers. These companies had made enormous investments in serving their customers. Over the years they had generated an amazingly rich trove of data about interactions with their customers. But this information resided in numerous systems, most of which weren’t connected to one another.

It seemed to me that this information could be analyzed to understand customer behavior patterns, and therefore infer buying habits across various customer segments. However, this was difficult to do given the expense and time associated with putting this analysis together from disparate data sets.

Fast forward to 2014: while there were many “horizontal” companies emerging to provide general purpose analytical tools, there weren’t specific or “industry cloud” applications being built to provide purpose built solutions to specific market segments. It seemed that consumer companies had figured out how to harness data to provide buying recommendations to their customers (and therefore hyper target their marketing efforts) – but this idea had not spread to B2B companies, especially those in the non-tech sector.

So we decided to fill this gap, and started Entytle to address this market opportunity. We’ve been fortunate to work with a handful of leading B2B companies to develop our solution, and to date, these customers have experienced tremendous results. Specifically, they are using Entytle to make the transformation from a reactive, “waiting for orders” approach to a proactive, “order making” process. And this is resulting in significant uplift in revenue vs. previous results.

Finally – we’ve made this really easy for them. By integrating our results directly into their CRM, we’ve ensured that they don’t need “yet one more system” to manage and no new processes to learn.

Our approach results in high ROI: refined, high probability opportunities at an incredibly low cost.

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