• Identify error & omissions in coverage
  • Identify correct upgrade or update plan to meet customer’s performance goals
  • Compare with best-in-class to identify gaps & means to close them


  • Enhance reliability of the installed base assets 
  • Reduce Equipment Maintenance Costs for customers
  • Improve MTBF (Mean-Time-Between-Failure) costs


  • Generate asset-based upgrade proposals
  • Build opportunities across the Installed Base
  • Help Customers better forecast overall and upgrade budgets for quick closure

Supports gap assessments before, during & after visit

Leave No Customer Behind with Entytle Inspector

  • Easy to use – Available on both desktop & mobile
  • Connect with your CRM and generate opportunities based on recommendations
  • Reliable Installed Base data & insights pulled from multiple systems
  • Auto-generate visit report and reduce personnel efforts
  • Assessment plan recommended based on asset-type and plant-type
  • Capture images, notes & meeting minutes on mobile
  • Logical decision tree helps uncover the right questions at the right time
  • Check equipment details, part numbers, warranty & service coverage on mobile during visit

Entytle Inspector is launching soon.

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