How to improve Sales Productivity for new hires in the Industrial world?
Sales Productivity for new hires in the Industrial world

On an avg, Industrial OEM sales teams grew by 2% compared to last year. As Industrial teams added to their sales force rapidly, several onboarding and training challenges became glaring and rose to the forefront. It takes 11.5 months, on average, for a new sales hire to become competent. 11.5 months in the post-pandemic world is an eternity when you consider the rapid demand in consumer goods leading to higher competition amongst machinery manufacturers.

So, how do you make your sales team productive faster? 

Should you wait for the onboarding to be played out for almost a year? Or can you design a data-driven strategy that will cut down this milestone to productivity by months? How do leading industrials strategize their sales training & onboarding for maximum throughput?

In this ebook, specifically designed for Industrial OEMs, we explore the following:

  1. What is the current market situation? How much does it cost to hire an Industrial sales engineer?
  2. What are the factors influencing it in the early days of onboarding a new hire?
  3. So, what can you do today? And what you can’t do.
  4. One solution to tackle a majority of your sales productivity needs

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