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Turn Dirty Data into Fertile Ground for Sales Insights

Garbage-in garbage-out

Our prospects often tell us “Our data is so dirty, we can never get any insights” or “we have data stored in so many systems, we don’t know how to bring it all together.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could aggregate “dirty” data that is stored in disparate systems and put it to good use? If you don’t have the right tools and processes in place cleaning data can be quite overwhelming and can take several weeks or even months.

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According to a New York Times article, “It is often said that for big data scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ is key hurdle to insights.” Jeffrey Heer, a professor of computer science at the University of Washington said “It’s an absolute myth that you can send an algorithm over raw data and have insights pop up”.

We wholeheartedly agree and that is why, at Entytle, we spend quite a bit of time in cleaning up data before we even begin to analyze it. Typically, we end up spending 80% of our 8-week implementation timeline in data munging and augmentation.

It’s an absolute myth that you can send an algorithm over raw data and have insights pop up
– Jeffrey Heer, University of Washington

Our data analysts use a combination of internally developed applications and 3rd party tools and follow these five steps to help our customers derive  insights:

  1. Identifying the data sources
  2. Extracting and standardizing the data
  3. Enriching and augmenting existing data
  4. Data cleaning, deduplication and entity rationalization
  5. Validating using 3rd party sources
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For more on this process, check out our blog post and podcast episode on data cleansing.

Don’t let anyone kid you. This is not an easy process, nor will you achieve good results without cleaning your data. However, once you’ve gone through this time consuming and painful process, you will get better insights into your customer Installed Base and buying patterns. Better data will empower your sales reps and arm them with information they need for more meaningful customer conversations.

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