Are you struggling to grow revenue from your installed base? Are you identifying the relevant selling opportunities for customers with disparate needs and requirements? Have you realized that one size does not fit all? It is time to automate your aftermarket. We can help you identify the underserved or unserved companies within your customer base. With Entytle, you will receive consistent, recurring feeds of highly-qualified net-new opportunities, executable by your sales and services teams and integrated directly into your existing CRM enabling you to drive the revenue opportunities contained in your installed base.

We understand the challenges and we know the opportunity. Our system was purpose-built to specifically address the challenge many companies face – how to scientifically understand and predict customer behavior and buying habits to accelerate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and increase average transaction size.

Proven ROI – Easy to Implement, Cost-Effective, Proactive


Be an Aftermarket Hero

You can be a hero. Most companies know they are underperforming in the aftermarket. They continue to fight with spreadsheets, cumbersome data, and expensive data-science resources trying to determine where their aftermarket revenue is being lost. And they still can’t seem to break from the status-quo. With Entytle, the proven after-market leader, you can obtain net-new, qualified opportunities that are actionable today. You can prove that the value contained in your installed base can be unlocked. You can do it quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. With Entytle, you can be a hero.

Entytle can add 8-10% to your top line revenue. And we can prove it.



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Drive revenue through efficient data analysis

Struggling with the challenges of analyzing your disparate customer data and making it actionable? Our platform elegantly cleans, normalizes, enriches and harmonizes all your relevant data and delivers logical, organized, and classified opportunities for driving after-market revenue. Your data is processed with purpose-built algorithms specifically designed to deliver actionable revenue opportunities. With Entytle there is no need for an additional system, never ending spreadsheets, or research staff.

Entytle Automation provides the clear, current and consistent view of the revenue opportunities contained within your installed base

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Purchase Patterns &
Event Histories

Entytle efficiently cleans, organizes, and analyzes the massive amount of enterprise-level data in your existing customer interaction systems. We will then swiftly provide a clear, current view of the aftermarket revenue opportunities contained within your installed base.

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Qualified & Targeted

Entytlement Automation™ scientifically delivers actionable intelligence through a secure, cloud-based solution for retargeting. Receive a regular, recurring feed of highly qualified targeted opportunities, executable by your sales and services teams, and fully integrated into your existing systems.

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Closed Feedback Loop

Identify your customer’s real behavior patterns. Predict and preempt customer demand. Pinpoint qualified opportunities that are actionable today. It’s not witchcraft. It is data-driven, proven, and repeatable science. Purpose-built by aftermarket experts.