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What is your Aftermarket Entitlement Gap?

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Increase Your Revenue
from Existing Customers

Enterprises retain enormous amounts of valuable customer data which is usually scattered, often under-utilized and always messy. Leveraging this data to create a cost-effective, scalable and targeted approach in the aftermarket is hard.

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Entytlement Automation™ uses proprietary predictive analytics and machine learning on your own enterprise data to identify highly-qualified aftermarket sales opportunities executable by sales and service teams.

Scalable & Secure


Your data sources will connect directly to our cloud-based analytical engine using secure, reliable and scalable technologies.

Purchase Patterns & Event Histories


The data is analyzed in an automated fashion using our algorithms; the outcomes are validated with your team and refined based on your feedback.

Qualified & Targeted Opportunities


Highly-targeted and qualified opportunities are inserted into your CRM to meet your overall annual revenue objectives.

Closed Feedback Loop


"Closed-loop" machine-learning techniques are used to continuously improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the results presented to you.

Why Entytle?

Seamless, Scalable, Simple

Highly-Qualified Aftermarket Opportunities

We analyze actual events and patterns from your customer data to identify highly qualified sales opportunities to your existing customers.

Selling approach is transformed from reactive to proactive

Sales professionals will be armed with the right data to proactively pursue highly qualified sales opportunities.

No New Systems or training

Sales opportunities will be directly populated into the existing CRM, so no new systems or process training will be required by the sales professionals.

Closed feedback loop for continuous improvement

Outcomes will be analyzed through a closed feedback loop to continuously improve the accuracy and effectiveness of our results.

Time-to-value is weeks versus months/years for other solutions

Your enterprise will get results within weeks of implementation and require no integration of systems on your part.

High ROI

Low cost for highly qualified sales opportunities means a high ROI for your company.

What Clients Say?

We were astonished at the actionable intelligence you were able to derive from what we previously believed was useless data.

Bill Dube CEO, Hayward Gordon

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