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Introducing Entytle Insyghts

The only platform built to help manufacturers sell more parts, service and consumables to their existing installed base.

Insights reveals sales opportunities within your customer data by automatically showing you which customers to call, when to call, and why.

Entytle Insyghts
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ROI Calculation

Average no. transacting customers per year
Average no. of orders/customer
Average line items/order
Average price per line item($ USD)
Margin (%)

The First System of Intelligence for the Aftermarket

Data Normalization

All customer data is processed through a proprietary data model and optimized.

Data Science

We process massive amounts of customer data leveraging purpose-built alogrithms specifically designed for the aftermarket.

Secure Cloud SaaS

We follow the highest industry security standards to ensure your data is safe.

CRM Integration

Eliminates the need for your sales and services team to learn a new system.

Customer Success

We're on pace right now of $1 million in incremental revenue from the leads that are generated from Entytle Insyghts.
Bill Dube, CEO of Hayward Gordon
We were astonished at the actionable intelligence you were able to derive from what we previously believed was useless data.
- CEO, Hayward Gordon

Learn how Entytle can help you improve visibility, better serve your customers and increase revenue from your installed base.

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