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Supply Chain, Inflation, & Labor Shortages stalling your growth?

Pricing is a critical lever that can have an immediate impact Is your supply chain disrupted?  Are you losing customers? Are you experiencing labor shortages?  Is revenue and profit below 2019 levels?  Is inflation causing costs increases?  In conversations with multiple manufacturing executives, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ across the board.  While there is […]

The Great Industrial Resignation

The Great Industrial Resignation | Entytle

TL;DR Workers are resigning in droves, taking hard-earned knowledge and experience with them which is especially critical in the manufacturing industry Newer, typically younger workers do not have the legacy knowledge and are not willing to tolerate outdated technologies of the past Investment in technologies for knowledge and insight creation, sharing, and collaboration will reduce […]

Industrial Manufacturers should not embark on a digital transformation…

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Ok, so perhaps the title is a bit harsh. But we have all seen firsthand too many industrial manufacturers do not achieve their digital transformation objectives for multiple reasons. The experts at Bain, BCG, and McKinsey report that 70-90% of digital transformations stall or fail, with consistent reasons of unclear strategy & objectives, resource or […]

Did Artificial Intelligence kill Pareto’s 80/20 Rule?

80 20 rule machine learning

In a resource-constrained environment, Pareto’s 80/20 rule made all the sense in the world. When you have to make choices, tradeoffs, etc – a framework that allowed you to decide what to focus on was an important tool in managing outcomes and success. But with modern technologies that simplify prioritization and decision workflows, 80/20 is […]