4 Steps to a Successful Entytle Implementation

Most companies these days are moving towards SaaS solutions due to lower cost of ownership, scalability, and faster time to value. However, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind before you begin your journey to ensure success.

Determining your use case, defining success, addressing change management and training your team on best practices will ensure a successful implementation and lead to increase in Aftermarket revenue.

At Entytle, the Customer Success team knows the ins and outs of what makes an implementation successful. Here are a few things that you should think about as you begin your journey with Entytle:

1. Determine your use case and the problem you’re trying to solve

For most companies, Aftermarket revenue has been an afterthought. As you make the switch from reactive to proactive you need to define your specific use case and your pain points. This will ensure that all members involved in the implementation are marching towards the same goal.

2. Define your success criteria

Our customers benefits in different ways such as:

  • Clear visibility into their Installed Base
  • Increased connectivity with customers
  • Higher opportunity throughput
  • Increased conversion rates

Consider any of the aforementioned or define your own. That will ensure you can measure the overall success with the Entytle program.

3. Have a plan for change management

An implementation will likely fail if your team doesn’t adopt the technology and change from being reactive to being proactive. Most people resist change and stay in their comfort zone. Having a plan for things like communication, training, collaboration, and frequent feedback will improve your chances of succeeding.

4. Training

At Entytle, we use a train-the-trainer approach to coach super users on features, functionalities, and best practices. Super-users are champions within your organization and lead other members of the team by example.

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