Entytle Insyghts

Pick the right edition for your business.

Re-capture lost wallet-share and reduce churn from the installed base.

Entytle Insyghts is the first enterprise SaaS application dedicated to managing and growing installed base revenue. Purpose-built for the B2B manufacturing vertical, Entytle Insyghts is used by some of the largest and most successful manufacturing companies in the world to drive top-line growth. Our customers are achieving 30% improved opportunity conversions, 50% improved connectivity and 200% increase in rep productivity.

Re-capture lost wallet-share, reduce churn and drive upsell with Entytle’s AI-driven platform that consolidates and cleanses all your installed base data and uses advanced machine learning to predict customer needs.

Entytle Insyghts is an easy-to-use application that plugs right into your CRM system, so your Sales and Service professionals can have actionable intelligence at their fingertips and drive revenue growth.

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Chose the edition that is right for your business.


Installed Base 360
Get complete visibility into your entire installed base, with consolidated and cleansed data from across all data silos.


Parts Opportunities & Campaign Management
Supercharge Aftermarket sales with AI-based parts opportunities and powerful Campaign Management.


Complete Aftermarket Sales & Service Suite
Arm Field Sales & Service wth AI-based equipment opportunities, smart campaigns & Verified-by-Entytle contacts.

Some of our Customers

Hayward Gordon
Ingersoll Rand
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Perkin Elmer
Agilent Technologies
Johnson Controls
General Electric
"We were astonished at the actionable intelligence Entytle was able to derive from what we believed was useless data."
Bill Dube, CEO Hayward Gordon


Entytle Insyghts Feature List Summer '17

Included in base license
Additional fee applies
  Growth Commercial Enterprise
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Sources Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Prep
Single Signn (CRM)
Hierarchy based Access Control
Custom Filters   1 3
Installed Base 360
Account 360
Account Potential
Account Health
Wallet Share
Sales Forecast
Order History
Account Notes
Campaign Management
Email Campaigns
Call-down Campaigns
Campaign Metrics
Predictive Campaigns
Installed Base Opportunities
Predictive Parts Needs
Recommended Items
Pricing Guidance
Predictive Contacts
Order History
Edit Opportunities
Closed-loop Feedback
Opportunity Notes
CRM Sync
Predictive Equipment Needs
Verified-by-Entytle Contacts
Dashboards 1 2 4
Outbound Calling