Entytle Insyghts: Purpose built AI powered platform for driving recurring revenue sales

Specifically designed to recapture lost wallet-share, reduce churn and drive upsell within the installed base

What is it
Entytle Insyghts is a SaaS application purpose-built for B2B manufacturers to drive customer engagement and growth for industrial aftermarket services.
What’s unique
Insyghts assembles data from multiple, siloed and disparate enterprise systems, and applies sophisticated analytics and machine learning to deliver opportunities for parts and services sales.
Why Entytle
Insyghts can be deployed in just weeks, with little to no disruption to existing processes and systems.

Who we help

Challenges of growing your installed base

Conventional wisdom says that selling additional products and services to existing customers should be simple and less expensive than acquiring new ones.

Where to start?
Yet if you are an aftermarket leader chartered with growing revenue by selling spare parts, consumables and services to your installed base, you know that oftentimes, nothing can be further from the truth.
With what tools?
Unlike your colleagues responsible for the initial sale, none of the systems available to you – CRM, Marketing Automation or ERP – provide you with a way of identifying which customers to call, when, for what products, and the reason.
And what about data?
Instead, you try to make sense of multiple spreadsheets, cumbersome and conflicting reports, legacy systems, and limited visibility into service and support systems.

Drive organic growth with Entytle

Entytle Insyghts is the first enterprise SaaS application dedicated to managing and growing installed base revenue. It assembles and processes massive amounts of customer data using sophisticated, purpose-written algorithms to deliver highly qualified opportunities and actionable customer insights. This in turn, enables you to dramatically increase revenue.

Installed Base Management

Unprecedented Visibility Into Your Installed Base

Empower your entire organization with complete visibility into your installed base. Entytle aggregates and cleanses vast amounts of your ERP, CRM, and other data to provide a true installed base 360° view to all your users. Identify and target customers, run campaigns, manage territories, enable account planning, drive connectivity with customers, reduce churn and re-engage with drifting customers.

Campaign Management

Exceed Your Targets With Entytle’s Smart Campaigns

Run email marketing and call-down campaigns and use the power of Entytle to segment and hyper-target your customers to exceed your targets. Automatically track actuals and view expected revenue before you run the campaign. Easily connect to your marketing automation system.

Opportunity Management

AI-Generated Opportunities for Outbound Sales

Do your Sales people know who to call and when? Supercharge your outbound effort with Entytle’s AI-powered Opportunities. Let Entytle’s sophisticated data science and machine learning generate the best and most highly qualified opportunities from your install base. Arm your reps with accurately predicted customer needs and cleansed contacts to drive the highest level of conversion.

Service Contract Profitability

Drive Contract Margins With Predictive Pricing

Leverage Entytle’s powerful AI algorithms to price your service contracts correctly and confidently, and drive margin. Entytle uses a rule-based pricing system combined with predicted part replacements and service events and labor cost information to make pricing recommendations for your service contracts.

Powerful Dashboards

The Pulse Of Your Business At Your Fingertips

Create completely customizable dashboards in Entytle to drive accountability throughout your organization and provide visibility to execs. Get actionable business insights and drill into your data from the exec level to the rep level in a few clicks. Visualize your data in any number of different ways, including maps, charts and tables.

How it works

Moving beyond a simple report to true insights for installed- base revenue growth

Entytle aggregates your historical data from disparate systems: ERP, CRM, call center, and more.
Data is standardized, normalized, cleansed and de-duplicated.
Our predictive analytics engine uses sophisticated algorithms to constantly run models against that data, identifying customer and cohort behavior.
Entytle AI-driven platform Insyghts predicts customer needs down to their specific location.
Highly targeted business opportunities are now available to your aftermarket service, sales and marketing team.
Process continuously improved (machine learning)

Entytle uses secure connectors to extract data from your existing ERP, CRM, service and legacy systems. This data – including orders, contacts, service history, shipping data, and marketing information – is assembled into a proprietary data model where it is swiftly cleansed, normalized and harmonized.

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Customer story

Hayward Gordon ULC: Entytle Enables Equipment Manufacturer to Mine Untapped Recurring Revenue Sales

John Pascual, Vice President
Mixers at Hayward Gordon ULC
“If we didn’t have this program (Entytle), we wouldn’t have clearly defined sales opportunities”
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